Check-In: Afterthoughts and Update

Darin Charles —  September 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

Check-In will not meet this Saturday.  I’ve got soccer pictures for the team I coach at 8:00, and I couldn’t find a last-minute replacement to lead.

We had a really great conversation last weekend discussing who God is.  Taking a cue from the recent conference, we started by discussing our earliest thoughts on who God is.  Most of the guys used words like punishment, fear, judgement, and “Hellfire and brimstone” as words they previously associated with God.  It takes a lot to overcome those early narratives about God, and it’s interesting how similar many of the concepts were.  A couple of us were thankful that we actually grew up without a narrative of God as a child.  Better, perhaps, to start with a clean slate, than to have to erase a negative image.

Collectively, the image of God for the guys present on Saturday has changed significantly.  The description now includes words like love, kindness, sacrificial, gracious, joyful, honest and patient.  Altogether, a very different image.  So, the obvious question arose, “How do we raise our kids to know the God we see now, rather than the one of our youth?”  Short answer, we don’t know, but focusing on the God the Jesus describes (as discussed in The Good and Beautiful God) is a good start.

As we continue to work towards the ultimate question, “Who am I?” it helps to get a good, personal understanding of who God is.  I’d love to hear any thoughts the rest of you may have on this.  Perhaps the easiest way to keep this conversation going is through a newly created private group on Facebook.  This is different than the previous public Check-In page, so you’ll need to be re-added.  If you’re on Facebook and you’d like to become a member, send me a message, and I’ll get you added.  If you’re not on Facebook, why not?  All of the cool kids are doing it.  Actually, none of the cool kids are on Facebook, mostly just old guys like us.

So, no Check-In this Saturday, but we’ll get back together next Saturday to tackle the question “Who is Jesus?”  Should be good, and I hope to see you there.

I’m In,

Darin Charles

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